Planning & Development

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The League receives notices of development proposals, re-zoning requests and other information from the City of Edmonton. This might include the redevelopment of a few single-house dwelling properties into multi-unit housing, traffic changes, or proposed changes to the amenities available in this neighbourhood such as Scona Pool, parks, or arenas.

There is a steady flow of planning and/or development issues coming through Queen Alexandra on a regular basis. If you’re interested in learning more about the processes, discussing options for proposals, or working with the City of Edmonton on an issue, join the QACL Planning & Development Committee.

If you are interested or have concerns about Planning & Development in the neighbourhood, contact the Planning & Development Committee, or attend the League's monthly general meeting. There are plenty of ways to get involved when it comes to planning and development – whether you enter for a specific issue and exit when it resolves or join the committee on an ongoing basis!