Get Involved!

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How to get to know your league (and community) better!

There are so many ways to make use of your choice to become a Queen Alexandra Community League (QACL) member. On one side of the spectrum, you can simply enjoy the benefits of being a member—such as free swims at Scona Pool, skate tags for community rinks across the city, discounts at City of Edmonton recreation facilities, and many more. 

Next in the spectrum are opportunities to attend league events, such as potlucks, sporting and social activities, and other special events.  After this, you might decide to try volunteering to help run one of these events or delivering a set of newsletters. Hey! You might even come up with a great idea for a program that you think other residents in the community would benefit from. 

Others find themselves becoming actively involved in the league because of a development proposal in the area. They might like or dislike the proposal and want an avenue to direct their energies. Bringing those thoughts/research/ to the community league often puts you in touch with others who might be concerned with the same matter.

Still further on the spectrum you can join a committee of the board, become a committee chair or volunteer for the executive. For example, QACL has a community gardens sub-committee, social committee, publicity committee, planning and development, parks and playground, sports, building and grounds, the list goes on…

Volunteering can happen in whatever way, shape or form you see fit. This is your community and your league. So, do what works for you. If you want to volunteer but don’t know how to start, contact the League via the contact form. We’ll all be glad to lend an ear and share some ideas.