QA Watch Committee Update

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Who we are

The QA Watch Committee first met in October, 2019. We are a group of neighbours concerned with crime and suspicious activity in our neighbourhood, and decided that we can have a more positive effect by working together, communicating about our experiences, and sharing information. 

What we have done so far

  • Email: We have set up an email to keep track of crimes and suspicious activities at [email protected]. We share the information with police and other community crime watch groups on a periodic basis in order to identify patterns and help keep our communities safe. This is a no-reply email address, and is strictly for the community to gather data on criminal activity. 
  • Apps: We have set up a Whatsapp group for communicating directly with neighbours to notify members when a crime or suspicious activity is taking place. It has been very helpful in keeping neighbours aware of what is going on at the moment, so people can keep an eye out, lock up their own property, or take note of details to report to police. The more members participating the more effective this will be, so please join us on Whatsapp. Email [email protected] to be added to the group (please put Whatsapp in the subject line and provide your cell phone number and approximate street address - street and avenue are sufficient.) You may also find the Next Door app helpful for communicating with neighbours. 
  • Outreach and information: We hosted an information session in December 2019 at the community hall with a city liaison (Connie Marciniak), Edmonton Police Service liaison (Noelle Andersson), and Street Mission Outreach (Aaron Cranton) to share information on crime prevention and homelessness. Crime prevention information was then shared with the community by email and Whatsapp. 

We continue to liaise with other neighbourhoods with similar programs. One of our members attended a “coffee with a cop” information session, met with the superintendent of SW division (Tom Pallas) and has been introduced to some of the “beat cops.” 

What’s next? 

One of the most important crime prevention strategies is to get to know your neighbours. We will work to encourage and plan more events such as block parties and alley gatherings (after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted). 

What to do when you see or suspect a crime is happening

The most important thing to do when you see or suspect a crime in progress or even suspicious activity is to report it to the police. We know this can sometimes feel futile, but the information is recorded and used by the police to find patterns which can help them focus their resources and help prevent and solve crimes. The more they hear from the community, the more effective they will be. 

Next is to report the crime on Whatsapp or NextDoor if you would like to alert your neighbours (ie. if there is a porch pirate checking all front doors and mailboxes on a street.) Lastly, please send a brief email to [email protected] with the time, location and details of the event. 

Ways to report Crimes to Police: 

  • Call 911: If it is a crime in progress or emergency please call the police at 911. 
  • Call 780-432-4567 or #377 on mobile phones for non-emergency crimes. (If you are uncertain about reporting an activity or event, call this non-emergency number and ask.) 
  • Online Reporting: ​You can report the following crimes online using the EPS website
    • Break and Enter (detached Garage/Shed)
    • Damage to Property
    • Damage to Vehicle
    • Lost Property
    • Theft from Vehicle, under $5000.00
    • Theft under $5000.00 

The QA Watch Committee will periodically email information to community league members regarding news related to crime prevention and reporting in our community, best practices for protecting your property, and upcoming information sessions.