QA Crossroads Update

By Julie - Posted on 01 September 2014

Wow! This summer has been a whirlwind for this hard-working and dedicated committee of the Queen Alexandra Community League!

QA Crossroads is made up of a group of residents who want to work with the city to make improvements to the way that 106 Street and 76 Avenue are used as part of our neighbourhood renewal process. (In case you didn’t know, the City is going to re-do all our neighbourhood’s streets, lights, sidewalks, etc. starting next year. More info).

QA Crossroads has created a vision and set of six principles that will guide development of solutions for a better neighbourhood:


WALK, BIKE, LIVE safely in Queen Alexandra


  1. 106 Street and 76 Avenue accommodates all users
  2. 106 Street and 76 Avenue are aesthetically pleasing, acting as the showcase streets for the neighbourhood while preserving and promoting Queen Alexandra’s history
  3. 106 Street and 76 Avenue are transformed from a neighbourhood divide into neighbourhood bridges
  4. Availability of active modes of transportation act as a catalyst to promote further quality infill redevelopment
  5. Design considers elements to make traffic flow in a desirable manner, without direct patrolling
  6. Cycling infrastructure is maximized

Priority Requests:

QA Crossroads has submitted to the city three priority requests for inclusion with neighbourhood renewal:

  1. Crossroads: The intersection of 106 Street and 76 Avenue accommodates all users, is highly visible, safe, and contributes to community identity.
  2. Crosswalks: Are frequent and accessible to all users, limit the number of steps pedestrians must take on the road, and are highly visible to traffic.
  3. Protected/Separated Bike Lanes: 106 Street and 76 Avenue accommodate all users, act as a bridge across the neighbourhood, and maximize cycling infrastructure.

So, What Have We Been Doing to Get There?

  • Met with City of Edmonton staff on July 17, 2014 to discuss vision/principles
  • Appeared in Metro News Edmonton (August 7)
  • Submitted a proposal to the City July 22, 2014, and initial feedback was received back August 12, 2014
  • The City is continuing to work on bike lane options and some requests around beautification/community identity and signage.
  • The City was unable to, at this time, accommodate any of our requests to upgrade crosswalks along 106 Street or 76 Avenue due to restrictions in the current guidelines.
  • Presented to Executive Committee of City Council on August 19, 2014 regarding this project’s potential to advance quality infill along 106 Street and 76 Avenue, while preserving and promoting character of the neighbourhood. See this article in the Journal for more info. Also covered on the news broadcast for CBC Radio One on August 20.
  • Presented to Transportation Committee of City Council on August 20, 2014 regarding current city guidelines to crosswalks in Edmonton. We spoke about our project and the need to enhance crosswalks on these busy collector roads in order for pedestrians to feel safe crossing the road and walking to do their errands. See more in the Edmonton Journal.
  • Obtained Letters of Support from:
    • The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (pilot ways to reduce barriers to community connectedness)
    • Public School Trustee Michael Janz (active modes of transportation)
    • Bicycle Commuters (bike lane improvements)
    • Strathcona Complete Streets (active modes of transportation)
    • 1912 Studio (infill, community pride, active modes of transportation)
    • Old Strathcona Business Association (business community)
    • Old Strathcona Foundation (historical stewardship)
  • Planning a really awesome WALK, BIKE, LIVE theme for Queen Alexandra Community League’s membership day on Septebmer 20 at Scona Pool.

Why a Walk, Bike, Live Theme for Membership Day?

Neighbourhood reconstruction provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for community members to influence the physical shape of the neighbourhood and how it functions in a really big way.

Members of City Council have indicated their strong support for not only what our project aims to do – but also how we are doing it. They like that we are staying focussed on the positive, that we are generating and sharing good news stories, that we are working together to make a difference.

What we have also heard though, is that members of City Council want to be sure that there is a broad, wide, and diverse support for this project. Community League day is a perfect setting to demonstrate the wide support for the project that we’ve been hearing and seeing to date.

To turn all the excitement into demonstrable support for the project, QA Crossroads will be putting together a wide variety of all the ways you can WALK, BIKE, or LIVE in Queen Alexandra. By participating in these events, you’ll be showing your support for a walkable, bikeable, and liveable Queen Alexandra. We’ll be inviting various organizations from the area to come and show their support as well.

Wow, This is Cool! How Else Can I Help?

The degree of success the QA Crossroads project has is highly dependent on how much effort we can collectively put in, and how fast we can do it. The City is currently in final design stages for what our neighbourhood will look like post-reconstruction. That plan is slated to be presented to the community in early 2015. That leaves only three months left to influence outcome.

Here are some quick and easy things you can do to help:

Next level of helping:

  • Post a story to Facebook or email crossroads [at] qacl [dot] ca telling us how this project will positively impact your life
  • Complete a community member profile by emailing crossroads [at] qacl [dot] ca
  • Attend the QACL membership day and participate in the WALK BIKE LIVE activities

Next level of helping:

Volunteer for the committee by emailing crossroads [at] qacl [dot] ca or phoning 780-434-3787. There are large, small, big, tiny, short, long, interesting, and boring jobs all to be done. We can find something that will fit your schedule and interests.

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