QA COVID-19 Community Response Update #4

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Dear Residents of our amazing community,

Thank you for participating in the Queen Alexandra COVID-19 Assistance Initiative. 

This is Update #4; Updates #1, #2 and #3 can be found here , here and here

A. New Good Information

1. Masks - request masks made by our community team at [email protected]


2. A new QA gardening group has sprung - see advertisement here and fill the form here to join.

3. We have a team of  140 residents wishing to work together at this time… If you want a trusted community resident to work with on your yard, to grocery shop, or run small errands, or other ideas - email [email protected]

B. Queen Alexandra League Activities

If any of you are not Queen Alexandra Community League members, just so you know, it is modestly priced at $5 for seniors, $10 for single parents or individuals, and $20 for family. Here are some examples of additional activities through the League:

  1. Pub Night (for adults, we think :o) )
  2. Playgroup (for kids and their caregivers)
  3. Games night (for the entire family, singles welcome too)
  4. QA Watch (keeping tabs on crime and suspicious activity)
  5. Zumba (exercise classes)
  6. Capital City Cleanup (kits to clean up the neighbourhood- great COVID-time activity)
  7. Events: Community League Day, Holiday Potluck & gingerbread house building, member appreciation dinner
  8. Skate tags and 40 free Scona Pool Swims per family/individual 
  9. Discounts at City of Edmonton recreation facilities
  10. Discounts at select businesses
  11. Skills sharing among neighbours

C. New Unfortunate Information

1. There are concerns that child abuse isn't being reported while everyone is in isolation. Don’t wait, if you are worried about a child, reach out. Information on who to reach is here, and more details on this concern are here and here