QA COVID-19 Community Response Update #3

This is Update #3; Updates #1 and #2 can be found here and here

A. Seniors are at high-risk residents – how can we help?

When we go out to stores (rarely), we notice many shoppers are in the high-risk category, such as seniors.  We wish we could better protect these very people that we love so much. So why are we not reaching them? Why are they not partaking in pooled shopping and 1-1 shopping assistance?  What can we do to make them not feel like they are “in prison” in their homes? 

If we can protect high-risk individuals, we achieve three critical things:

  1. They are themselves safe
  2. The hospitals are not over-capacity and can continue to help the many health challenges ongoing
  3. We buy time – hospitals across the world are progressing in terms of treatment regimens – new practices WILL save a lot of lives!

In Edmonton, despite lower cases than Calgary, we must remain equally steadfast to prevent case-escalation and help spread resources across the province. 

B. Wearing masks [along with social distancing, isolation and washing hands] can help save lives!

Public health officials have released guidelines on wearing masks for protection and to help protect others.

  • Masks have to be used properly otherwise they might give a false sense of protection and increase risks.
  • Masks come secondary to primary methods; social distancing and washing hands, or they could increase risk.
  • Remember, the outside of the mask is potentially contaminated, handle the mask by the strings, avoid the outside, and wash or discard immediately.
  • Videos are available on proper mask use; we provide examples at the bottom of this update.
  • We are initiating a mask-sewing team for Queen Alexandra residents
  • If you need a mask, please email [email protected]

C. Volunteers needed:

Please send an email if you can volunteer to [email protected]

*We will provide all the help and support you need

  1. Volunteers to find ways to reach out to our seniors and high-risk residents and inform them of all support and activities we can offer during COVID-19.
    • This team of volunteers (please indicate if you are willing to be the leader), will decide what works best, signs at grocery stores? Flyers? Social media advertising?
  2. A volunteer to coordinate requests for masks
  3. Volunteers to help sew masks
    • If you are able to sew, join this initiative by contacting us!
    • We may need sewing machines - let us know if you have one to lend

D. Initiatives and resources available to help each other:

In our previous updates (here and here) we described these ongoing initiatives in greater detail:

  1. Resident 1-1 matching for grocery shopping, prescription pick up, etc.
  2. Pooled shopping (to participate Click here)
  3. List of businesses in community (to view Click here)
  4. Food hampers (if you can donate or want a hamper for yourself or to give to others Click here)
  5. 7:00 PM nightly cheers for essential workers

Here are additional initiatives and resources:

Computer and Internet supports

If you know anyone who could use some help in getting a computer, on-line access, or lessons on how to use on-line resources - let us know at  [email protected]. We have a team that is dedicated solely to this important mission. 

Strathcona Place Society

Please encourage our seniors to connect with this wonderful government-funded resource, which serves the needs of our loved seniors. During the pandemic, they are offering resources through their website or by calling 780-433-5807.

E. QA Time Capsule: Love in the time of COVID”

This time is a moment in history. Your response to the pandemic, be it happy, sad, or neutral, provides an invaluable record that can only be captured now!

  • We are encouraging YOU to become involved in our QA “Love in the time of COVID” time capsule. 
  • Anything you are willing to share; your thoughts, poetry, photography, artwork, children’s drawing or crafts, that reflects this moment in history in our community - please share the photo of your piece with [email protected]
  • Please indicate any stipulations, like desire for anonymity or restrictions on sharing etc.). With your permission, we will also submit your contribution to the University of Alberta for use in research and teaching for centuries to come!

F. Consequences of a pandemic: domestic violence and crime rates

Increases in domestic violence

Canada is experiencing increased in domestic violence in this time of social isolation. If you are experiencing, witnessing, or suspect domestic violence, please use these links to help:

Edmonton is experiencing increasing crime

Increased crime is a concern.  Edmonton Police Service has indicated we should report any suspicious behavior to either their non-emergency line 780-423-4567 or to 911 for emergencies. Please also email your information to the QACL crime watch group at [email protected].

G. THANK YOU to the 100s of volunteers!!

With warmest and safest of wishes,

The QA COVID- response team

Example videos on proper mask use (note there are many examples – please always choose examples that are from “validated health organizations” and not random individuals).