QA COVID-19 Community Response Update #2

Dear Residents of our amazing community,

Thank you for participating in the Queen Alexandra COVID-19 Assistance Initiative.

This is Update #2; Update #1 can be found here.

Initiatives needing volunteers are in bold. If you would like to volunteer for an initiative described below, please send an email [email protected], and please indicate which initiative you’d like to volunteer for as the Topic Heading.

A. Queen Alexandra Community League needs board members

  • The QA Community League is looking for QACL Board Members for 1-2 year terms. Please apply here 

B. Initiatives for working together through this pandemic

  1. We continue to match residents with needs and volunteers on a 1-1 confidential basis. The offers to volunteer currently exceed the requests for assistance, which is excellent! The network of volunteers prepares us for any possible needs in the coming months - thank you!!!
  1. Free food hampers are available. Queen Alex has free food hampers by request with a variety of canned & dry goods. We have made a separate form to maintain anonymity of the person or family seeking assistance. Just complete the form and a hamper will be delivered to your door.
  2. Pooled Shopping: We have developed a free grocery delivery group to help those in need of assistance as well as reduce our community exposure to shopping.
    • Click here for more details on how to utilize our pooled shopping group. 
  3. Computer and/or internet connection needs: Do you know anyone who needs a computer or internet connection? Any children needing it for school; or adults for staying in touch with friends and family?  If so, let us know at [email protected]
    • Needs 1-2 volunteers to spearhead, call schools and senior residential buildings to assess if there are needs. We have a volunteer that can provide the computer and IT support and could work with the volunteers that spearheads this initiative.
  1.  We would like to re-distribute our QA Covid-19 flyers to the community and let the residents that are not on-line know about these new initiatives and how they access them.
    • Needs 1 volunteer to spearhead distribution and 10 volunteers to help deliver flyers.

C. Keeping us socialized and raising our spirits

We will be hosting a volunteer call within 2 weeks to connect those who are currently volunteering as well as discuss ongoing initiatives in our community. More details will be released in our next email communication.

  1. We continue to make noise in thanks to essential workers at 7p.m. (5min) each evening; please join us.  Are there any trumpets out there that could join in?
  1. Anyone want to host or attend on-line classes? For example, one resident offered “digital literacy” classes if there’s interest?
    • Needs 1 volunteer to spearhead on-line classes , to gauge interest and build this initiative accordingly.
  1. Anyone with musical and/or voice aptitude?  Want to host a drive-around-community concert?
    • Needs talent and someone to spearhead.
  2.  We would love to capture the community’s journey through this unique time. A community time capsule called "Love in the time of COVID-19". Anything you are willing to share; your thoughts, poetry, photography, artwork, children’s drawing or crafts, that reflects this moment in history in our community - please share the photo of your piece with [email protected] (please indicate any stipulations, like desire for anonymity or restrictions on sharing etc). We are hoping to print everyone's art onto a giant banner and display it as a historical reference. 
    • Needs 5 volunteers to help with this initiative.
  3. If you indicated on your QA form that you want to help with social activities, you will receive an email inviting you to participate in a brainstorming session about social activity ideas. We look forward to you coordinating or assisting new initiatives. 

D. Supporting local Businesses

  1. We have developed a spreadsheet of QA and area businesses that are open and how to access.
    • Click here to view the businesses we love or that have been recommended by neighbours like you! If you would like to add a QA business, click on the link in the form or email [email protected] .

E. Supporting safety

  1. Safety:  The Old Strathcona Business Association executive director Cherie Klassen sent the following message:

    There is limited traffic on Whyte Avenue now and several businesses are closed. As a result, there are fewer people watching out for each other and reporting  crime / vandalism. Many Old Strathcona businesses served as eyes on the street, helping keep everyone safe. 
    The Association is asking for our help by keeping an eye on their businesses and reporting any vandalism or suspicious activities. Edmonton Police Service has indicated we should report suspicious behaviour to either their non-emergency line 780-423-4567 or to 911 for emergencies. 

  2. Please be wary of information you read and spread on social media about the pandemic… feel free to ask us if you are unsure about information.

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