COVID-19 Support Update #6

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submitted by the QA COVID Assistance Team:

Dear wonderful residents of Queen Alexandra and Allendale,

It’s a rainy weekend, so I figure a good time to capture your attention and congratulate you all on amazing progress.  We have done superbly as a community to avoid infections and assist each other. You are one of 191 households that joined our initiative.  Be proud!

Please however, be steadfast at keeping safe. Continue to wash hands, wear masks, social distance, and especially protect the vulnerable; the odds of exposure are decreasing, but the consequences of virus infection to high-risk individuals haven't changed.


These email updates will become less frequent, but should a rebound of infections occur, we will immediately ramp up again. Importantly, please spread the word that our key initiatives are fully ongoing:

  • Masks - Any QA or Allendale resident needing a mask for themselves and their family members, please email [email protected]
  • One-on-One tasks/needs - Any QA or Allendale resident wanting assistance for tasks, will continue to match 1-1 with one of our 100’s of volunteers. Remember - volunteers get a sense of ‘meaning’ by helping their neighbors, so never fear asking for a hand at a task at [email protected]
  • We wrote a little story about this Community COVID Initiative here
  • Should you want to send a note of thanks to health care workers, there is now a portal here.
  • If you live in an apartment or condo complex, please let us know at [email protected] if you can help distribute flyers to your residence.
  • We will continue collecting your photos for the QA/Allendale “Love in the Time of COVID” time capsule - please do send a photo of anything - here.
  • For all previous updates, please see here (scroll down below the form)


  1. We are curious why ~⅔ of participants of this COVID initiative are not Community League members.  The membership fees ($5-20) help support activities like our mask sewing, and come with all sorts of benefits. An inclusive list of residents would make it easier to communicate during times like this pandemic. Therefore, it seems important that we understand “why” some residents are not Community League members: Please teach us in this anonymous form here
  1. Neighbourhood renewal sidewalk inspection: As stage 3 of the community renewal project, the city asks residents to report any deficiencies on their sidewalks.  Submit your sidewalk cracks here
  2. QA Air Quality-Traffic Study for Citizen Scientists: Queen Alexandra Community League is partnering with Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future to monitor how local air quality is impacted by various traffic modes and volumes, and inform policy around urban air quality in neighbourhoods. Open to all ages and scientific (or non scientific) backgrounds. RSVP for the June 11 Online Event here
  3. Keeping QA Clean and Good Looking. The neighbourhood is looking great after volunteers got to work with the Capital City clean up kits! 
  4. Friendly reminder to please not tape posters to light poles, because it unfortunately damages the black poles we purchased (and is against city bylaws). As an alternative, QACL is happy for members to post information on our Facebook page, or the NextDoor App. 
  5. Also, if you see a garbage can that is full, or a location where a garbage can should be added, please use the 311 App on your mobile phone, call 311, or email [email protected]
  6. June is BIKE MONTH! Ritchie CL has challenged other leagues to a friendly bike-off. Bike & Track your KM!! Create a Strava account and join our group at, or alternatively, email Monique at [email protected]


With warmest and safest of wishes to you and your families,

The covid assistance team